Sapiens Shield


With years of research and studies we strive to demonstrate that chronic diseases can be stopped safely without side-effects.


This is biophysics, not biochemistry. Click on the picture to see the first video. The narrator is Professor Andrew Hague.

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The electrical properties of cells have been known for decades. Click on the picture below to see Professor Jorge Curé explaining cell voltage.

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Professor Curé refers to Professor Bjorn Nordenström of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. Click on the picture below to see what was discovered many years ago.

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Professor Nordenström discovered electroporation. Professor Hague has done better and developed non-surgical, irreversible electroporation. Nothing is stuck into the body. There are no side effects and pain is stopped. This is what Sapiens Shield will use.


Many people have chronic diseases. It does not cure because their immune system has failed. As is now known, this needs biophysics, not biochemistry, and Sapiens Shield has access to the ultimate in biophysics


Watch the video below for further information about healing non-healing wounds.

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